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What we do

South African news media and economists have a bleak outlook towards the future of the country’s power supply. While many South Africans choose to cast blame and criticism on authorities and fear the demise our their businesses, pro-active individuals and companies are making use of this opportunity to become independent by seeking their own solutions. Genteq Generator Services is one of the foremost generator manufacturers in South Africa, while also supplying a wide variety of generators and standby power, emergency power and backup generators from some of the biggest brands. Genteq generator Services provide expert consulting services to ensure that companies or individuals obtain the most effective diesel or rental gen sets for their individual needs. The company has an impressive track record in generator manufacture and installation in South Africa, as well as in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Seychelles.
how we do it

How we do it

The Genteq Services Division offers a turn-key approach to satisfying clients’ backup power requirements. Our team is committed to optimise response times and ensure comprehensive covering across South Africa.

Genteq offers everything from site assessments, generator installations, services and maintenance, to generator rentals. Our philosophy is that responsive service that meets your expectations, is paramount. Genteq’s history of providing extraordinary sales and support services has established the company as one of the most reputable of its kind in the country.